William Berry

William Berry

Finanzdirektor/CFO bei TSO3 INC.

Vermögen: 1 Mio $ am 30.04.2024

58 Jahre
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William Edward Berry is currently the Director & Vice President-Finance at TSO3, Inc. and the Director & Vice President-Finance at Vocera Communications, Inc. He is also a Director at MAKO Surgical Corp., Invuity, Inc., Stanmore Implants Worldwide Ltd., Vexim SA, and 9402-4874 Québec, Inc. Additionally, he serves as the Chief Accounting Officer & Vice President at Stryker Corp.
and as a Member at The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
Furthermore, he is the Vice President at Wright Medical Group NV.
In the past, he worked as the Finance Director-Global Powertrain at Federal-Mogul Corp.
from 1995 to 2007.
He also held positions as a Director at Entellus Medical, Inc. and K2M Group Holdings, Inc., as well as a Finance Director at Global Powertrain Congress.
Prior to that, he was an Assistant Corporate Controller at Whirlpool Corp.
and a Controller-Electronics & Safety Division at Delphi Automotive LLP.
He also worked as a Principal at Deloitte & Touche LLP.
Mr. Berry obtained his undergraduate degree from Eastern Michigan University.

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Aktive Positionen von William Berry

STRYKER CORPORATION Comptroller/Controller/Auditor 01.08.2011
VEXIM Direktor/Vorstandsmitglied 03.02.2018
INVUITY INC Direktor/Vorstandsmitglied 23.10.2018
TSO3 INC. Finanzdirektor/CFO 31.07.2019
WRIGHT MEDICAL GROUP N.V. Corporate Officer/Principal 11.11.2020
VOCERA COMMUNICATIONS, INC. Direktor/Vorstandsmitglied 23.02.2022
Direktor/Vorstandsmitglied -
Direktor/Vorstandsmitglied -
Corporate Officer/Principal -
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Eastern Michigan University Undergraduate Degree

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